My daughter Kylie loves to sing, and she and my mother have their own sing-along sessions with Song Spinner. Kylie is now learning the old standards! Best of all, it creates quality time with her grandma.

Linda W., Muncie, Indiana

When the social worker at my mother’s nursing home suggested installing Song Spinner on her tablet, I was skeptical. I had been thinking about taking the tablet home with me, since Mom couldn’t really use it any more. It just made her frustrated. But, oh, my goodness, she is having so much fun with the Song Spinner! We’ve set up playlists of all of her favorite songs, and I change the playlists around when I visit her on Sundays, to keep things fresh. She likes to sing along with the music. But even better than that, when she has visitors, she’ll talk to them about things she remembers because of the songs.

Pam V., Knoxville, Tennessee