Thanks for creating the cool Song Spinner! My mom couldn’t remember how to use her radio, even after I specially labeled the on/off switch – let alone channel tuning. Now all she has to do is tap and she can hear her favorite songs. Plus, hey, no ads!

David P., Issaquah, Washington

My dad had an iPod shuffle with all his favorite music on it, but he never used it. The controls are just too hard to use for someone with low vision and hands that don’t work very well any more. The Song Spinner is perfect for him. I’ll put it in extended play mode for him when he’s puttering around the house, and he likes it better than the radio because it just plays his favorite songs. When he’s sitting in his easy chair in the living room, he likes to play the spinner game with it. If the kids are around, they’ll have a blast, cheering for a “jackpot” or trying to guess what song will come up next. It’s way more than just a music player. It’s a great tool for keeping my dad happy, and for giving him new ways to interact with his grandkids.

Bob S., Gillette, Wyoming